Friday, December 11, 2009


Ok so I didn't get through the year... but I did change my background! And I am ready to put some Christmas 2009 pictures on, so readers get ready!


These posts are detailing last year, but they loaded in the wrong order. So go to the one titled "Posting the Past" and read up from there! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

we took advantage of some snow days!
Then there was our famous St. George trip, just the girls... What goes on in St. George... STAYS in St. George!

This is the house that we rented in St. George, we had alot of fun!
Then we get into Easter.

And then, we get a new addition to the family... Little Nixon.

January was Region Drill- of course Juab took it all! They were great.

Drill team competitions also started in December. It was a busy time of year.

December also brought along the Senior Ball. Talysha's date was Jay Sutherland. She had a lot of fun and looked like my little princess all grown up! Her dress was really pretty, one more event come and gone! :(

Posting the past!

Well, you know me... always a day late and a dollar short! Me and this blogging thing do not go well together. I'll try to remember how to do this. What I actually set out to accomplish is organizing all my pictures that I have put on my computer and have neglected getting them developed. I got a hopefully good deal on a computer on Black Friday and I need to get all of my pics off my old computer so that is what my night is going to be consisting of because I am home alone, well not actually alone. Jaylon is in the other room but it is just like being alone. Anyways, I am looking at how fast time goes by and decided while I was organizing my pictures I would surprise all my many followers and update my blog. But what current pictures do I have? I have none really on this computer because that is another one of my issues that I have not put my pictures from my camera lately on the computer. So yes, time does fly!! it has been a fast year for us. So my updated post is posting the past! But what a great year it has been!

These pics are of our Kay family Christmas party, we have had this party every since I was little and every year our family gets bigger and bigger. But as you can see, my "little ones" still like sitting on Santa's lap.

This is a picture of my aunts and uncles on my Kay side of the family. Alot can happen in a years time, we lost my Aunt LuDean a few months ago, my cousin Mike earlier in the year. It makes you realize how precious these family gatherings are each year.

Soon Christmas was over and done. We moved into January with Shaylee having to have surgery on her ankle (again!).

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Well, the biggest reason that I joined the blogging world was because my future had some exciting upcoming events that I could put on, but those events have now come and gone and I have not did the blogging update. So here it goes....

In May we took the fam on the Baja Mexico Cruise. (minus the Mexico - due to the swine flu) It was a 4 day cruise that went to Catalina Island and was supposed to go to Encinada, but had 3 days on the ship. We had alot of fun going with friends and all my family except the Morgans. All the kids had a blast and now have the cruisin fever just like their dad!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Talysha's Graduation Day

This day.. you look forward to all through your school years, but when it finally gets here, your not sure you really want it to be. Alot of decisions has to be made on this last year of high school of what your next journey in life will be and which road to choose. Well... Talysha after much praying and fasting on your new journey ahead- We are behind you all the way! You will do great things on your new road of life.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Shaylee and Charles - he was
our awesome waiter!

The Street fam and the Youngs
during dinner. All together there
were 37 of us!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Red--for SUU??
Blue--for BYU??

Our annual easter egg hunt. This Easter wasn't terribly bad for being yucky weather- You can never plan on it being good.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Last Dance ....

Showcase night came all to fast. This is Talysha's last night to dance as a member of the JHS Drillteam. It has been an amazing experience for her. She has learned so much from this opportunity.

Monday, March 30, 2009

My First Post!

I have drug my feet on learning how to blog, but slowly I am figuring it out, with the help of Talysha. I also felt like my kids are getting older and my blog would not be that exciting to read but here I am, going to give it a try!

Though my kids aren't young anymore, they are still a joy for me to be around and do things with and as I read everyone's blog that has little kids, I swear it was only yesterday that mine were that young. So with that, I am joining the blogging world.

I love doing things with my family, we have alot of fun and get very crazy. I know some parents really stress out raising their teenagers, but I love this stage of my life.